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a community of avid golfers.

Nest Membership FAQ

Why should you join?

The goal of The Nest is to foster an engaged community of avid golfers and provide added value to No Laying Up fans around the world. We want our Nest members to make a commitment to #GetInvolved and meet other like-minded golfers. If you are unsure of the value in signing up for a Nest membership, please join the Refuge, our free message board to get a better sense for our community.

Can I buy this for someone else?

Yes! You can buy a gift code that's good for a year of the annual subscription.

Can I cancel my Nest Membership?

Yes, we hate to see you go, but if you need to cancel, please email to cancel your membership hassle-free (we're still a #SmallShop, so we have to cancel it manually).

How long does early access to sign up for No Laying Up events last?

Any Nest Member in good standing (active, paid subscription) has two days of exclusive, advanced notice to sign up early for No Laying Up events.

When will the annual member gift be sent out?

You can expect the first member gift to ship within the first two months of the calendar year.

What is the member gift?

Good question...join The Nest to find out (hint: we are confident you won’t be disappointed)!

Will more benefits be added to the Nest Membership in the future?

Yes, we have big plans for The Nest. As an early member, you’ll be on the ground floor of a growing community of avid golfers!